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Our Mission is to empower underprivileged teenagers with humor in the format of standup comedy writing and improvisation.

As of 2019, 15% of teenagers are suffering from depression and anxieties, especially during the Covid19 Pandemic. This is even more serious among teenagers who come from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Studies show teenagers with a well-developed sense of humor are more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and handle conflicts better.

We build a non-profit platform to bridge the gap among three parties: donators, students who are in need, and comedy art educators. Through comedy writing and performing education, we help teenagers laugh out and vent out their struggles and rise above their depression and anxieties.

Comedy Workshops

Learn the comedy tools that professional stand-up comedians and compelling business speakers use to create funny and engaging audience experiences. Story telling, surprise punchlines - you will learn and practice these skill sets during workshops!

Improv Group

Write & Perform

Overcome stage fright while gaining competence in comedy writing and performance.  Our program culminates with an optional, virtual Stand-Up showcase.

Self-Mocking Therapy

Comedy provides you with a refreshing perspective to look at obstacles in life. Everybody has their vulnerable sides and fears. It is seeking a hilarious perspective to mock at these obstacles, and the process of sharing these perspectives with other people that will make you stronger.

Join Us

Spread the power of humor

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